Pet Soap with Organic Neem Oil


Locally Made Pet Soap by O S K A + W I L L O W

Soaps that are absolutely spectacular for dogs! A beautiful recipe Melek crafted years ago, with beautiful doggo skin loving oils in it such as Neem Oil + Avocado Oil.

There are 2 varieties, because sometimes too many choices complicate things. The first one is scented with Eucalyptus + Lavender and the other is scent free with crushed oats in it. 

Neem Oil - is a natural compound found in the seeds of the neem tree. One of the the most common uses for dogs is as a pesticide and inscect repellent. Neem is completely natural and is effective agaist mosquitoes, mites, fleas and more.

Avocado Oil - whilst dogs should not eat avocados, avocado oil helps hydrate your pets hair, soothes and nourishes their damaged skin and relieves itchiness and dryness.

Eucalyptus - skin relieving abilities, antiseptic qualities and flea control.

Lavender - helps to reduce anxiety and stress.